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Plan excavation works on site quickly and accurately on your mobile

No paper, no queries, no delay. Share plans with the office, instantly.

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The digital A55 drawing process

Mobile App

Create A55 works drawings from the field using PlanPoint Mobile

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Cloud Based

Share your plans instantly to the PlanPoint Platform via the cloud for review

New Format

Generate A55 documents with maps, locations and site details included

Guaranteed Ease of Use in the Field

PlanPoint Mobile

With PlanPoint Mobile, engineers can complete all aspects of an A55 quickly and easily in the field.

Mapping with GPS and recording all the required details, A55s can then be shared to the platform in real time, ready to share with clients and move forward with planning and completing excavation work.

Precise GPS Mapping

GPS and mapping technologies are used to create accurate plans, anywhere.

Automatic Mapping

Remove hand-drawn plans by generating quick plans that are always consistent.

Standardised Format

All aspects of excavation planning are mandatory and accurately recorded.

Instantly Visible

There’s no need to wait to receive A55 plans. For remote locations, cached maps and draft mode send plans once in range.

Centralised Information

All of your plans are stored together for quick retrieval, viewing and reporting.

Improved Efficiency

Increase right first time rates, reduce query counts and gain full visibility of live plans.

Producing an A55: how it works


Sign up for PlanPoint and instantly begin adding field users. Engineers receive an email link to download the app for iOS and Android devices.


Using GPS, the site location and blockages are measured on a duct line with a few simple taps of the app. All extra information to support the excavation planning is included.


Once completed, plans are shared in real time with the back office team or saved as a draft for later. Platform users can review plans, and share with clients via PDF.

        Your back office, seamlessly connected

        With all of the data captured on PlanPoint Mobile, your back office receives a professional and standardised A55 document from field teams, every time.

        Important data is never missed from a plan, improving overall A55 accuracy and efficiency.  first time rates improve and queries are significantly reduced.

        Remove the time lost to creating, chasing and querying A55s

        The entire process of producing an A55 with PlanPoint takes less than a quarter of the time to draw an A55 by hand.



        To create an A55 Plan using the PlanPoint app

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