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Creating a Desilt A55

This walkthrough explains how to create a plan for a desilt.

Location Overview

The blue dot shows your current position.

Select the first box location by selecting Add Point at Location.

You can also tap anywhere on the map to manually select your location.

Cover Type

Next, tap on an icon to select your cover type.

Scrolling downward shows more available cover types.

Tap Next to progress.

Surface Type

Select the surface type for your first point.

Multiple surfaces can be selected where required.

Tap Next to progress.

Specify the Number of Ducts

Specify the number of ducts by dragging the slider across.

Which Duct Requires Clearance?

You are now presented with the ducts based on your previous answer.

Tap and drag so that the circles resemble the actual duct formation.

Now tap on a duct to specify which of them requires clearance.

For more than one blockage, a separate A55 would be carried out.

Number of Cables in Situ

Use the slider to now specify the number of cables in situ.

Proceed to the next stage by tapping Next.

Bore Full Percentage

Use the slider again to specify the estimated percentage of the bore that is full.

Tap Done to proceed.

Adding a Second Point

Add a second point, and select its surface type.

Point Overview

You’ll see your points, connected by the red line.

To progress, tap Save.

Finalise Plan

Enter some final details for the job, beginning with inputting the Job and Estimate Number.

Tap to toggle the requirements for Red Route/Bus Lane and Private.

Add the Exchange of the location.

Finally, input the Duct Section and Cable Size details.

Finalise Plan (cont.)

Select the type of Traffic Management required from the drop-down list.

None is also available as the default option.

Finalise Plan (cont.)

Input some final details about you, as the engineer so you can be contacted with any questions about the plan.

Finally, tap Finalise Plan.

Map Overview

The final screen shows coordinates from your first point to your second.

Tap Save to complete the plan, where you will be prompted to return to My Plans.