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DFE’s within the Platform

The following walkthrough shows how to work with DFE’s submitted to the platform

DFE Overview

 Select DFEs from the top menu bar to see all DFE plans within the system.

The plan overview will display all plans available for you to view, based upon the teams you are associated with.

Clicking on the DFE Title at the top of the card will take you to that respective DFE.

Viewing a DFE 

The DFE overview displays a range of information inputted by the engineer.

At the top right of the screen, there are options available to Save, Delete and Export the DFE.

Editing a DFE 

The edit function allows you to amend multiple fields in relation to the DFE, as well as edit the nature of work and synthetic quantities.

Click Save in the top right of the page to commit any changes.

Exporting/Deleting a DFE

Clicking Export will generate a PDF that includes all relevant information for the DFE to be processed.

Additionally, a user can delete the DFE directly from this menu.

Additional Help and Support

For support at any stage of using the PlanPoint platform, simply click the marker in the bottom right-hand corner.

This will enable you to start a conversation with a member of the PlanPoint team.