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How accurate is PlanPoint?

PlanPoint leverages GPS, with map generation handled by Google Maps as a third party. Your location accuracy is determined by GPS, with the ability to also manually place points and blockages on a map to refine accuracy.

GPS and phone masts both contribute to determining your accuracy. This is most effective when outdoors and, where possible, not within immediate proximity of buildings. The blue dot on maps represents your location. If a blue circle surrounds your position, you may be anywhere within that circle. A wider circle would suggest that accuracy needs to be improved.

To improve accuracy on your iOS device, ensure that Location Services is turned on within the Settings menu. For Android devices, access Location within the Settings menu, switch the Location on and select Mode > High Accuracy.

Additionally, making a figure 8 motion with your phone can help to calibrate its compass if the beam is too wide or facing in the wrong direction.  Google Maps Help can also offer some additional support for increasing accuracy.

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions to learn more about accuracy and location.