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How to Use the Platform

The following is a walkthrough for general use of the platform.

Using the PlanPoint Platform

Firstly, visit the web address provided by your trainer.

Next, select login to your Platform

Your trainer will provide login details

These are likely to be:

Password: A randomly generated password

The Plan Overview

Select Plans from the top menu bar to see all plans within the system.

The plan overview will display all plans available for you to view, based upon the teams you are associated with, covering New Tracks, Blockages and Desilts.

Order By

Above the plans, you will find the following three functions: Order By, List View and Filter By.

The Order By contains a drop-down menu which allows you to prioritise your search by either Most Recent, User or the Number of Points on the plan.

Toggling List and Card View

Above the plans, clicking List View will change the way in which plans below are displayed, and return to Card View if clicked again.

Filter By

Within the top bar menu, the Filter By function allows you to search by multiple parameters, such as exchange, order number and postcode.

This screenshot is an example of a user applying a filter based upon the plan’s exchange.

A Plan’s Card Details

 A plan’s card first shows postcode, date and time of the plan. An icon associated with the plan type is also included. In this case, the icon represents a Desilt.

The map shows the points of the plan on a satellite view, which is removed when operating in list view.

Additional planning details are also included, and blockages will also contain the number of blockages with the plan. Clicking on the postcode will take you directly to the specific plan, where further details are provided.