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Synchronisation, Drafts and Working in Low Signal

This walkthrough will outline the process of creating a draft and syncing your plans to the platform.

Sending Plans to the Platform 

Find your plans on the main menu screen.

They are displayed with a yellow cloud icon in the top right corner of the plan card.

Pull down to sync your plans to the platform in real time.

Working in Low Signal Areas

When completing plans in low signal areas, they will be retained as drafts.

Plans can be synced back to the platform once you are in an area with an improved signal.

Saving Draft Plans

Need to come back to finish a plan later? Use PlanPoint’s draft functionality at any time.

Coming back to a plan is easy. Whilst on a plan, tap the ‘X’ in the top right of your screen.

Delete Plan/Save Draft

You now have an option to delete a plan or save a draft.

Draft Location

Drafts are located and marked on the main menu screen.