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Working with an Individual Plan

The following is a walkthrough for working with an A55 plan

Working with an Individual Plan

At the top of the plan’s screen, you will see a digital version of a traditional A55, presenting all information related to the plan type, e.g. a Desilt.

Individual Plan: Map Overlay

Beneath the typical A55 information, a satellite view shows where the points of the plan are located.

This map view refers to a Desilt – a Blockage Plan also clearly shows blockages on the map in addition to points.

Individual Plan: Breakdown of Points

All further information is included in the point breakdown below the map view.

The map is zoomable; dragging the small stick figure icon into the map also activates Street View, where the area can be more closely examined.

Notes can also be added within the platform to add extra context to each point.

Exporting or Deleting a Plan

All plans can be exported as PDF files, where they contain all information of a traditional A55, along with the map view.

Additionally, plans can also be deleted directly from the individual plan screen. To Export or Delete a plan, simply click the named buttons located at the top right of the screen.